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CfA Files IRS and FEC Complaints Against White Coat Waste Project, Inc.

Today, Campaign for Accountability filed a complaint with the IRS and FEC requesting the agencies investigate White Coat Waste Project, Inc. and White Coat Waste PAC for flagrant violations of the strict prohibition on 501(c)(3) organizations engaging in political campaign activities, and for soliciting contributions for a PAC from outside the PAC’s restricted class.

TTP Investigation: Crypto Industry Amasses Washington Insiders as Lobbying Blitz Intensifies

Today, the Tech Transparency Project released a report revealing an explosion of “revolving door” traffic between the cryptocurrency sector and federal institutions, with 235 examples of former officials from the White House, Congress, federal regulatory agencies, the Federal Reserve, and national political campaigns moving to the industry in some form.

Watchdog Files SEC Complaint Against Natera Inc. for Misleading Investors

Today, Campaign for Accountability filed a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission requesting an investigation into Natera Inc., a clinical genetic testing company. Following New York Times reporting on the company’s prenatal tests, CfA alleges that Natera appears to have misled investors about the accuracy of its prenatal genetic tests and failed to disclose the investor risk associated with tests resulting in false positives.

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