Tech Transparency Project Statement on DOJ’s Google Antitrust Lawsuit

“For years, journalists, researchers, and organizations like Tech Transparency Project have highlighted countless examples of harms facilitated by Google’s failure to moderate its primary revenue driver: ads. As a dominant power in online advertising, Google has little incentive to crack down on ads that scam users and spread harmful misinformation. We are hopeful that this Department of Justice lawsuit against Google will bring some much-needed competition to the online ad market—and lead to greater protections for consumers.” - Katie Paul, Director of the Tech Transparency Project.

TTP Report Details Google’s Exclusive Access to Government Airfield Within Minutes of Company Headquarters

The sweetheart deal between a Google-affiliated company, H211, and the government dates back to 2007, when Google promised to pay a lease, and help NASA collect atmospheric data in exchange for landing rights at the field. However, flight data reviewed by TTP shows far more flight activity from private planes used by Google executives than from the single fighter jet used to by Google to satisfy the minimum requirements laid out in the scientific portion of the lease agreement.

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