We expose injustice wherever it occurs.

Federal Actions

Government officials sacrificing the public’s best interest for personal gain or profit is nothing new. CfA investigates corruption throughout the federal government, from Congress to the federal agencies. CfA exposes those who have betrayed the public’s trust to advance their own ends.

Lack of accountability at the federal level has recently been a topic of much discussion, so it is more important than ever to not only expose those abusing their office, but also put pressure on oversight officials to faithfully execute their roles. Through legal complaints, public records requests, and open-source research, our team aims to supply federal oversight bodies with an undeniable case that leaves them with no choice but to pursue just and appropriate disciplinary action.

State Actions

Although the federal government often receives more attention, the actions of state and local officials can often have a much greater effect on our day to day lives.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen that local journalists and concerned citizens far too often lack the resources to pursue action against the elected officials who abuse their positions. Justice and accountability should not only be reserved for the biggest fish in government. By identifying state and local officials who abuse their position and put personal gain over public service, we work to fill this gap in local accountability and send a signal to any official intent on betraying public trust that their actions will not go unnoticed.

Corporate Responsibility

With our Tech Transparency Project, CfA is committed to shining a light on the many dark sectors of Big Tech that are too often overlooked. In 2020, we were instrumental in exposing everything from violent extremists openly using online platforms to organize, to inhumane working conditions that are implemented to make some of the tech products we use on a daily basis.

Our elected officials have let the tech industry self-regulate for far too long, and as long as they stick to this approach, the need for independent research and outside pressure has never been greater. We’ve been successful in convincing both lawmakers and the platforms themselves that these problems are real, and must be addressed.

CfA also takes great pride in our work to hold the home solar industry accountable. While the industry is generally viewed favorably due to its overall positive impact in the fight against climate change, we’ve received far too many complaints about exploitative tactics used by industry salespeople to let these issues go unaddressed.

Senior citizens are particularly vulnerable. Often swayed by promises of unrealistic cost savings that never pan out, homeowners frequently find themselves stuck with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment that will leave them in debt, or result in significant losses when inevitably selling their home. By exposing these practices, we aim to ensure that exploitation for personal profit plays no part in our transition to a new energy future.

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