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Watchdog Asks State Attorneys General to Investigate Crisis Pregnancy Centers for Deceptive Practices

Today, Campaign for Accountability filed a series complaints highlighting deceptive practices of so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) affiliated with Heartbeat International and Care Net—anti-choice organizations that intentionally target women searching for legitimate abortion care providers to “save babies” from abortion.

Campaign for Accountability Asks IRS to Investigate Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI) for Impermissible Political Activity

Today, CfA filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requesting an immediate investigation into whether the Conservative Partnership Institute indirectly engages in impermissible political campaign activity through its for-profit subsidiary, Compass Legal Group.

CfA Asks FEC to Investigate Steve Schmidt, Dean Phillips Campaign for Illegal Coordination

Evidence strongly suggests that, due to Schmidt’s self-professed involvement in the development of Phillip’s campaign strategy just weeks before he formed the Pass the Torch PAC, he and the PAC made $450,000 in coordinated communications with the campaign. CfA is asking the FEC to investigate.

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