Why California’s attorney general must stand up to solar companies

By: Daniel Stevens, The Sacramento Bee, April 25, 2018

In March, the attorney general of New Mexico filed a 17-count civil complaint against Vivint Solar that accused the company — which sells and leases rooftop solar panels in California, New Mexico and other states – of fraud, racketeering and unfair business practices.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra would do well to follow New Mexico’s lead.

My organization, Campaign for Accountability, has spent more than two years documenting how some rooftop solar companies exploit vulnerable consumers. In December, we released an analysis of thousands of consumer complaints from across the country, including many filed in California. We found that some rooftop solar companies have misled consumers about the true costs of installation, have damaged homeowners’ roofs and have left many unsuspecting customers with long, expensive leases and higher monthly utility bills, rather than the reduced rates they were promised.

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