Corporate Responsibility

Holding Wall Street Accountable.

As we learned from the 2008 financial crisis, decisions made in company boardrooms can upend the lives of millions of Americans.

CfA exposes some of the worst corporate offenders, including Wall Street investors who attempt to influence Washington regulators for personal financial gain; corporations who conceal political spending from shareholders; chief executive officers who receive unmerited, astronomical compensation; and predatory lenders who work to undermine the regulatory efforts of government agencies.

CfA also investigates particular companies and specific industries.  In April of 2016, CfA launched the Google Transparency Project (GTP), a comprehensive research initiative to help the public track the company’s influence on our government, policies and lives. The GTP assembles comprehensive materials cataloging Google’s influence in a single place and makes it searchable by any user.

In the fall of 2016, CfA launched an investigation into solar companies that exploit vulnerable consumers.  Previously, in August, two consumer watchdogs had warned government regulators about the exploitative contracts used by solar companies.  Following these warnings, CfA asked state Attorneys General for copies of consumer complaints about solar panels.  A review of the complaints revealed a widespread pattern of apparent fraud and abuse by solar companies.  CfA called on several states to open investigations into solar companies and protect consumers from these deceptive tactics.

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