Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Money for Nothing

By: Mary Tuma, Austin Chronicle, July 20, 2018

Adding insult to injury, the state doled out millions in taxpayer dollars from the Family Planning Program and the Healthy Texas Women program to the Heidi Group, a Round Rock-based nonprofit that runs a network of crisis pregnancy centers headed by a vehement anti-choice activist. The Christian-based group once vied to oversee the Alternatives to Abortion program, losing out to TPCN. While no longer part of A2A, it has gotten thousands in state funds over the years. Unsurprisingly, the ill-equipped and unqualified organization failed at its mission, serving fewer than 3,500 patients when their goal was to serve more than 17,000. The gross mismanagement led government watchdog Campaign for Accountability to file a criminal complaint. As a result of public outcry and failure to meet basic goals, HHSC yanked $4 million from the original $5.1 million FPP contract with the Heidi Group for 2017.

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