February 15, 2017 Government, In The News, News, Puzder

Watchdog group working to unseal Puzder’s divorce records before his confirmation hearing

By: Jonnelle Marte, Washington Post, February 14, 2017

With labor nominee Andrew Puzder’s confirmation hearing just days away, lawmakers and advocacy groups are seeking more details about domestic abuse allegations from his ex-wife, claims that she has since recanted but that they argue will shed light on whether he is “fit” to head the labor department.

A watchdog group, Campaign for Accountability, on Tuesday received the bulk of the couple’s divorce records, which included widely reported allegations that his ex-wife Lisa Fierstein was struck “violently” in the face, chest, back and neck. But the group is still working to make public a portion of the documents that have been sealed since the late 1980s and that they expect will contain more details of how Puzder allegedly treated his ex-wife.

“The U.S. Senate and the American public are trying to evaluate Mr. Puzder’s fitness to serve in one of most powerful offices in our government,” said Daniel Stevens, executive director of Campaign for Accountability, adding that he hopes the information would be made available within 48 hours. “His entire record should be subject to public scrutiny.”

The group is hoping to have a decision before Puzder’s confirmation hearing, which is scheduled for Thursday morning.

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