September 6, 2019 Google, In The News, Themis Project

Google Maps Is Still Directing Women Seeking Abortions to Pro-Life Clinics — and a Memorial for the ‘Unborn’

By: Carter Sherman and David Uberti, VICE News, September 6, 2019

There’s just one abortion clinic left in North Dakota, and it’s in Fargo. But if you’re searching for a clinic around the state’s second-largest city, Google Maps won’t tell you about it.

Instead, searching Google Maps for “Where can I get an abortion in Bismarck, North Dakota?” will bring up results not only for a facility that doesn’t offer abortion but also for North Dakota Right to Life — an organization that lobbies to end abortion.

Still, the Guardian recently found that anti-abortion clinics were able to advertise around similar search terms, like “pregnancy symptoms,” without tacking on that labeling. Alice Huling, counsel for the […] government watchdog Campaign for Accountability, told the Guardian that these centers may be trying to pull in pregnant women searching for information about their options.

“They are trying to locate and populate those searches so that in a face-to-face discussion they can try to convince a woman to not have an abortion, including through ultrasounds or providing false information about or health and safety concerns,” she said.

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