Crapo staffer told FBI the senator gave permission for $250K campaign investment into get-rich-quick scheme

By Betsy Z. Russel, Idaho Press, June 1 2020.

“Newly released FBI documents say that U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo’s campaign told the FBI that the senator “was aware of and approved” the investment of a quarter-million dollars of his campaign donors’ funds into a risky get-rich-quick scheme “at the time of the transaction” in 2008, in which the money disappeared.

Crapo has said repeatedly since 2013 — when the news broke of the 2008 loss of $250,000 of his campaign funds in the scheme — that he knew nothing about it until late 2010, after the money was gone.

“Is he lying, or was his staffer lying to the FBI?” asked Daniel Stevens, executive director of the Campaign for Accountability, which obtained the FBI documents under the federal Freedom of Information Act. “It is a crime to lie to the FBI.” ”

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