When nobody’s looking, Susan Crapo gets paid

By: Marty Trillhaase, The Lewiston Tribune, June 25, 2018

Prosecutors call it manifestation of intent.

This is behavior that conveys awareness of willful or deliberate misconduct. In a nutshell, you knew what you were doing was wrong – and you went ahead and did it anyway.

Keep that thought in mind as you consider the conduct of Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho.

For almost two decades, Crapo has paid his wife, Susan, a total of almost $200,000 from the contributions his political action committee, Freedom Fund, collects.

Two months after Crapo won 66.1 percent of the vote against Democrat Jerry Sturgill, Susan Crapo picked up $17,311 – covering work on the campaign for the prior two years.

“The campaign paid the invoices for the work when the invoices were received, which was in January 2017,” Crapo’s office told Sewell.

That might fly in Idaho, where voters have turned a blind eye to Republican transgressions large and small.

The Campaign for Accountability is not so gullible. It has filed an ethics complaint against the Idaho Republican.

Crapo is becoming a familiar topic for this watchdog group, which blew the whistle on his cushy arrangement with Capitol Hill lobbyist Vicki Hart. Crapo’s campaign and PAC used Hart’s condo – the same one Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt rented at $50 a night – 81 times.

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