Pro-Life Clinics Think They’re Getting Coronavirus Bailout Money

By Carter Sherman, VICE News, April 15 2020

“Faith-based anti-abortion groups are strategizing around cashing in on the trillion-dollar federal coronavirus relief bill — while Planned Parenthood is apparently left out in the cold.

Thousands of facilities that try to convince women to continue their pregnancies are being advised on how to apply to a program that helps small businesses cover employee payroll and expenses through the coronavirus pandemic. These facilities, known as pregnancy centers, are typically Christian nonprofits. They offer services like pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and baby supplies.

They do not refer or perform abortions, and some refuse to provide hormonal birth control. Many are explicitly opposed to abortion.

In early April, Care Net, which supports a network of over 1,000 pregnancy centers, hosted a webinar that taught attendees how to take advantage of the $349-billion program, called the Paycheck Protection Program. And a recent post on the website of Heartbeat International urged the network’s roughly 1,800 pregnancy centers in the United States to apply for it.”

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