October 7, 2015 Government, In The News, News

Ohio Congressman Called Out For Payday Lending Hackery

By D.C. DeWitt, Plunderbund, 10/5/2015

U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers, a Republican from Upper Arlington, has been called on the carpet this week in a complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics over his hacking for the payday lending industry.

If ever there was a business model set up to exploit low-income desperation, it’s payday lending, which doles out cash to money-strapped poor people with interest rates that would make the Gambino crime family blush.

The Campaign for Accountability (CfA) asked the OCE Monday to investigate 11 members of Congress “for possible criminal and ethics violations by accepting contributions from the payday lending industry shortly before or after taking official actions in support of the industry,” according to a press release.

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