Nonprofit calls for DOJ to investigate Heath Hall on federal criminal charge

By: Sarah Fowler, Clarion Ledger, February 15, 2018

A national government watchdog group is calling for an investigation into Mississippian Heath Hall, the former acting administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration.

Hall resigned the federal post last week after POLITICO raised questions about whether he had still been working as a public relations consultant for the Madison County Sheriff’s Department. Hall has a public relations and political consulting firm, Strategic Marketing Group LLC, in Madison.

According to claims documents posted on Madison County’s website, Strategic Marketing Group LLC received $2,000 from Madison County in July and $4,000 inAugust.

Hall was appointed to the federal position in June. He said Thursday he had hired a spokesperson for the position during his federal tenure. However, Hall was quoted by a television station in August.

The Campaign for Accountability, a [501 (c)(3)] nonprofit that calls itself a “government watchdog,” asked the Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice Tuesday to investigate whether Hall violated federal criminal law by “willingly filing a public financial disclosure report in which he falsely claimed he would not be receiving outside income.”

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