Anti-Choice Apps Are Violating Google and Apple Privacy Standards

By: Alys Brooks, Rewire.News, July 24, 2019

A watchdog group has called on Apple and Google to remove apps created by organizations opposed to abortion rights and LGBTQ rights because they misuse personal information, don’t provide privacy policies, and violate the app stores’ basic standards.

Campaign for Accountability, a nonpartisan group focused on public accountability, argues the apps don’t follow guidelines for templated apps, include extensive tracking, and don’t follow privacy rules laid out by Apple and Google.

Click here to read CfA’s letters to Apple and Google.

“Apple and Google have kicked other apps off their platforms for violating their policies, and these anti-choice groups should be no exception,” Alice C.C. Huling, counsel for Campaign for Accountability, said in a statement. “Tech companies should apply their rules uniformly, rather than turn a blind eye to violations by developers with powerful political and social connections.”

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