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Tackling the tough problems others can’t.

Campaign for Accountability’s work spans a wide range of issues. Our inaugural projects focus on corporate America, the environment, and government officials who abuse their power.


Corporate America

As we learned from the 2008 financial crisis, decisions made in company boardrooms can upend the lives of millions of Americans. CfA exposes some of the worst corporate offenders, including Wall Street investors who attempt to influence Washington regulators for personal financial gain; corporations who conceal political spending from shareholders; chief executive officers who receive unmerited, astronomical compensation; and predatory lenders who work to undermine the regulatory efforts of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. LEARN MORE



The mining, oil and gas industries have spent untold amounts of money over the past 20 years, successfully pushing to roll back environmental regulations aimed at keeping our air and water clean.  As a result, their profits have swelled at the expense of public health and the land of working families.  These industries also support climate change denial, undermining every attempt to combat this proven threat to our planet.

CfA aggressively targets the legislatures, organizations, and individuals associated with these efforts. LEARN MORE


Government Officials

Government officials sacrificing the best interest of their constituents to outside special interests is nothing new. There have been successful efforts to expose and hold accountable federal legislators who abuse their power, but state legislators’ conduct has rarely been scrutinized, allowing them to behave with impunity.

CfA exposes those who have leveraged their positions for their own ends and betrayed the public trust. LEARN MORE

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Google Transparency Project

The Google Transparency Project is a comprehensive research initiative to help the public track the company’s influence on our government, policies and lives. It assembles comprehensive materials cataloging Google’s influence in a single place and making it searchable by any user.


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